Week 8 Homework #2

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A study to assess sperm quality investigated the sperm of 765 infertile men and 696 fertile men, with the following results:

  Concentration Motile cells Normal morphology
Infertile men <13.5 million/ml <32% <9%
Fertile men >48.0 million/ml >63% >12%


Three couples meet at a fertility clinic. The women are fertile. Here are the stats on the men:

  • Harold has a sperm count of 21.4 cells per milliliter, with 28% motile and 95% with abnormal morphology (shape).
  • Peter has a sperm count of 8.6 million cells per milliliter, but 60% of the cells are of normal morphology and are motile (although these may not be the same 60%).
  • Ralph learns that he has azoospermia. This means he has no mature sperm cells, but he does have spermatids.
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