Week 2 Homework #1

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This week in class, we'll be looking at how cells divide, how this process is controlled, and how cancer results when cell division occurs improperly. Part of what we'll study in class on Thursday is how certain types of cancer are hereditary. Before we get there, though, we need to look at cell division.

About this week's reading:

For this assignment, you'll complete a reading from an online book(let) called Inside the Cell, and then you'll answer questions here in Canvas.

  • You can read the material directly on the Inside the Cell website here. All images expand when you click on them.
  • You can download the entire Inside the Cell book as a PDF here. This week's reading is Chapter 4 (Cellular Reproduction: Multiplication by Division).
  • You can download only Chapter 4 as a PDF here.
Lastly, you can find a list of learning objectives for this reading here.
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